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Afrikka, sarvikuonojen maa

There is bad news from Africa, there will soon be no more rhinos. Indeed, in November 2011, the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) officially declared the extinction of the western black rhinoceros in Africa, and two other rhino species will soon be threatened with the same fate. Politicians lack the will to step up their efforts, and poachers seeking rhinoceros horns continue to operate almost freely.

Helsinki-based pop-rock duo Aero wants to carry their little card into the pile by updating Eppu Normaali’s familiar hit song from 1988 to look like his own, following his own African-themed debut single Tangier. The song “Africa, the Land of Rhinos” is available on iTunes, and the band is donating a single download proceeds through WWF to the Rhinos.

Buy the song as a download here:

Read more about rhinos on the WWF website.


Aero is a indie rock group from Helsinki, Finland

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