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The Aero band, formed by singer Henna Jokela and guitarist Mikko Lohenoja, was formed in 2011. The couple managed to keep the band hidden even from their close circle until the small-scale first single, fresh pop rock and self-made music video attracted the interest of radios, music sites and Helsingin Sanomat Now. The magazine wrote a story about the size of the band. The debut album is due in August 2012, and the new single Paperivankkuri was released on April 2, 2012.

“Aero is about love, travel, nostalgia, youth, memories and thirst for life,” sums up the band’s world of thought, singer Henna. Henna is taking her musical first steps with Aero, while Mikko is known as a musician and producer, among others as a singer-guitarist of the long-career band Superchrist, and on the bass arm in the ranks of the punk band Tundramatiks. The collaboration of these two, an experienced veteran and a fresh and inexperienced singer-songwriter creates a band called Aero.

The single Paperivankkuri, which paves the way for the debut album, was inspired by a project made by the Finnish National Theater’s Touring Stage for asylum seekers, in which a constantly changing, involuntarily homeless world citizen finds peace in the dance world. Bassist Jan Wälchli and drummer Ilkka Tolonen will also play on the album. The music video for the song shows acrobats Sarah Hudson and Antti Leinonen and the video is Aero’s own production. The cover of the single has been designed by Aino-Maija Metsola, who became known as Marimekko’s designer.

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